Time To Talk Day 2nd Feb 2023

Time to talk day 2023 is another opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of conversation
and connection. An increase in loneliness has found to be a significant factor for people suffering
from depression. As a counsellor I have learned from clients that managing emotions in different
ways has led to self suppression and disconnection from friends, colleagues and loved ones.

Sometimes these is no indication from a lonely person that they are struggling, we are encouraged
to ask people if they are OK, really Ok. More of this needs to happen if we are to change the nature
of how we live together.

At my practice in Sutton Coldfield I have the privilege I listening to peoples stories, building
relationships in a therapeutic setting offering space for connection.

Learning from my clients in counselling I am able to help them understand some of the obstacles to
talking more. Once they have had a change to experience what’s it like to talk more and be
understood, they find they are able to approach relationships differently.

So with it being time to talk day again its an opportunity to reflect on the importance of human
interaction and a genuine sense of being listened to, understood and accepted. Pace of life can vary
and this can affect us emotionally and can leave clients feeling missed or misunderstood. Slowing
things down, taking time asking for more of what you need without fear of judgment can have
lasting positive effects on your mental health.

Use today to stop and talk, to say “how are you” and to encourage those who find this hard to reach
out for therapy or counselling or other support. For those who find it hard to reach out to loved
ones and friends, my practice in Sutton Coldfield can offer affordable counselling to help clients feel
seen, heard, and accepted with a view to making long term changes.

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